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Match Day 4 - 2017-07-14

St. Clair West Esporte Clube3Santa Fe Lions1

Daniel Riquelme 3G

Phil Mota 1G

Flying V FC1Make U-Sector Great Again4

Nana Yeboah 1G

Ben Rycroft 2G
Camilo Forero 1G
Alejandro Cifuentes 1G

Athletic Panda Club1Net6 and Chill1

Greg Donnelly 1G

Jake Rycroft 1G

Match Day 3 - 2017-07-07

Flying V FC0St. Clair West Esporte Clube1

James Blundell 1G

Scarfaces Utd2Make U-Sector Great Again1

Lorenzo Atencio 2G

Joe Bulley 1G

Athletic Panda Club4Santa Fe Lions0

Andy McLoughlin 3G
Scott Taylor 1G

Match Day 2 - 2017-06-30

Make U-Sector Great Again1Net6 and Chill5

Ben Rycroft 1G

Samson 3G
Jon Lyon 2G

Flying V FC2Santa Fe Lions0

Nana Yeboah 2G

Athletic Panda Club3Scarfaces Utd1

LuAdrian Boangiu 2G
Jay Kiff 1G

Lorenzo Atencio 1G

Match Day 1 - 2017-06-23

Santa Fe Lions0Scarfaces Utd2

Fitz 1G
Nebyu Gizaw 1G

St. Clair West Esporte Clube1Athletic Panda Club2

James Blundell 1G

Andy McLoughlin 1G
Eamon de Freitas 1G

Flying V FC1Net6 and Chill2

Nana Yeboah 1G

Jon Lyon 1G
Jake Rycroft 1G