Latest Results From Match Day 14...    Make U-Sector Great Again 0 Net6 and Chill 3  Flying V FC 2 Santa Fe Lions 3  Athletic Panda Club 1 Scarfaces Utd 1  Athletic Panda Club 8 Santa Fe Lions 1  

Complete Stats

Player Team  Goals   Assists   Points   Fouls 
Andy McLoughlin Athletic Panda Club170170
Daniel Riquelme St. Clair West Esporte Clube170170
Rodrigo St. Clair West Esporte Clube100100
Nebyu Gizaw Scarfaces Utd100100
Jon Lyon Net6 and Chill8080
Nana Yeboah Flying V FC7070
Ben Rycroft Make U-Sector Great Again6060
Cricket St. Clair West Esporte Clube6060
Lorenzo Atencio Scarfaces Utd5050
Greg Donnelly Athletic Panda Club4040
Adam Kahansky Flying V FC4040
Pablo Mayoral Santa Fe Lions4040
Sergio Cifuentes Make U-Sector Great Again3030
Jay Kiff Athletic Panda Club3030
LuAdrian Boangiu Athletic Panda Club3030
Bobby Brasz Net6 and Chill3030
Samson Net6 and Chill3030
Fitz Scarfaces Utd2020
Jon Cronin Flying V FC2020
Mike Flying V FC2020
Abdi Mohammed Flying V FC2020
Joe Bulley Make U-Sector Great Again2020
Juan Montes Net6 and Chill2020
James Blundell St. Clair West Esporte Clube2020
Jake Rycroft Net6 and Chill2020
Chris Matthews Santa Fe Lions2020
Jean-Daniel Merolan Flying V FC1010
Phil Mota Santa Fe Lions1010
Namu Yoon Flying V FC1010
Mark Amunda Athletic Panda Club1010
Alex Forsyth Make U-Sector Great Again1010
David Dempsey Athletic Panda Club1010
Camilo Forero Make U-Sector Great Again1010
Alejandro Cifuentes Make U-Sector Great Again1010
Scott Taylor Athletic Panda Club1010
Eamon de Freitas Athletic Panda Club1010
Jared Zietsma St. Clair West Esporte Clube1010
Daniel Davila St. Clair West Esporte Clube1010
Colin Crawford Scarfaces Utd1010
Terry Dobbs Net6 and Chill1010
Dan Mayzr Scarfaces Utd1010
Lauren Scarfaces Utd1010
David Onuoha Santa Fe Lions1010
Phillipe Coppella Flying V FC1010