Latest Results From Match Day 14...    Make U-Sector Great Again 0 Net6 and Chill 3  Flying V FC 2 Santa Fe Lions 3  Athletic Panda Club 1 Scarfaces Utd 1  Athletic Panda Club 8 Santa Fe Lions 1  

USOL Player Directory

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Abdi Mohammed Flying V FC
Adam Kahansky  (olegunner)Flying V FC
Alejandro Cifuentes Make U-Sector Great Again
Alejandro Valdes St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Alex Baird St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Alex Forsyth Make U-Sector Great Again
Alex Gonzalez Santa Fe Lions
Alex Nebyu Santa Fe Lions
Ali Santa Fe Lions
Allen P Flying V FC
Andy McLoughlin  (englishandy)Athletic Panda Club
Aonghus Santa Fe Lions
Ari Flying V FC


Ben Rycroft Make U-Sector Great Again
Bobby Brasz  (TheRedGoesStraightToMyHead)Net6 and Chill
Brian Cohen  (HeavyD)Flying V FC


Camilo Forero Make U-Sector Great Again
Charlie Shott Athletic Panda Club
Chris Dempsey  (busanbhoy)Athletic Panda Club
Chris Matthews Santa Fe Lions
Claudio Parra St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Colin Crawford Scarfaces Utd
Cricket St. Clair West Esporte Clube


Dan Mayzr Scarfaces Utd
Daniel Davila St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Daniel Riquelme St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Darren Ovis Scarfaces Utd
David Dempsey Athletic Panda Club
David Onuoha Santa Fe Lions
Diego Salgado Net6 and Chill


Eamon de Freitas Athletic Panda Club
Efran Shaifi Scarfaces Utd


Fitz Scarfaces Utd


Gary Ovis Make U-Sector Great Again
Gary Russell  (GaryJambo)Scarfaces Utd
Glen Vicencio Net6 and Chill
Greg Donnelly Athletic Panda Club


Harol Cifuentes St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Heather Leethal Santa Fe Lions
Hugo Munoz Flying V FC


Jake Rycroft Net6 and Chill
James Blundell St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Jared Zietsma  (dutch57)St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Javi Salgado St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Jay Kiff Athletic Panda Club
Jazzy Santa Fe Lions
Jean-Daniel Merolan Flying V FC
Jean-Francois Morrison  (Morrison)Make U-Sector Great Again
Jedrzej Net6 and Chill
Joe Bulley Make U-Sector Great Again
John Bruce Scarfaces Utd
Jon Cronin Flying V FC
Jon Lyon Net6 and Chill
Juan Montes Net6 and Chill
Juan Pablo Salgado Santa Fe Lions


Karl Fitzgerald Make U-Sector Great Again
Kevin Phillips Athletic Panda Club


Lauren Scarfaces Utd
Lorenzo Atencio Scarfaces Utd
LuAdrian Boangiu Athletic Panda Club
Luke Scarfaces Utd


Mark Amunda Athletic Panda Club
Martin Montes Net6 and Chill
Megan Obrien Net6 and Chill
Mel  (Mel)Santa Fe Lions
Micah Kernan Athletic Panda Club
Michael Mahoney Flying V FC
Mike Flying V FC
Moiz Moueen Scarfaces Utd


Namu Yoon Flying V FC
Nana Yeboah Flying V FC
Nathan Lang Santa Fe Lions
Nebyu Gizaw Scarfaces Utd
Nelson Cifuentes St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Nic Di Noia Athletic Panda Club


Pablo Mayoral Santa Fe Lions
Peter Morris St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Phil Mota Santa Fe Lions
Phillipe Coppella Flying V FC
Prianka Tiwri Santa Fe Lions


Ratty Make U-Sector Great Again
Rick Gladwin  (rick.gladwin)Make U-Sector Great Again
Rodrigo St. Clair West Esporte Clube
Rufaro Adams  (RealGooner)Athletic Panda Club


Samson Net6 and Chill
Scott Taylor  (Scotty)Athletic Panda Club
Sergio Cifuentes Make U-Sector Great Again
Shaun C Make U-Sector Great Again
Stephen Henderson  (AgainstSteve)Santa Fe Lions
Sunny Scarfaces Utd


Terry Dobbs  (tDoB)Net6 and Chill
Tim Davies Net6 and Chill
Tyler Net6 and Chill